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This radio really is tuned to 3.750 MHz thanks to Roy, VE2RWT, who took the time to doctor up the original image
and then emailed it to Ron, VE1BIC who forwarded it on to me, Jim, VE1CHI. FINALLY we have our little HF radio
on the RIGHT frequency!

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News & Upcoming Events

1) Your executive members have been working 'behind the scenes' on the
OTC Annual Report for 2014. This is the tenth consecutive annual report we
have produced. This report is located further down this home page or available
HERE as a pdf for reading or printing - two pages. Print back to back and save
a sheet of paper! :-)

2) On Saturday, November 8th, 2014, a work party including
five OTC
, worked to replace the VE1XK Repeater (146.790 MHz.) and the
TX and RX cavities.
HERE is the story and photos of the day's activities. (Note:
VE1LV, Hal just joined the OTC so six of the seven were OT club members!)

3) The
RAC Amateur Radio 60 Metre Operations Information pdf file is
HERE. Thanks to VE1BXK, Lorne (# 356) for sending this to me.

4) Are you thinking of replacing some of you incandescent lamps with the
newer LED bulbs? Well, you need to read this article first before rushing out to
buy them:
LEDRFI. Thanks to VE1RV, Roger, for this article.

5) VE1RV, Roger completed work on his 'ugly balun' and 17 m home brew
antenna and just got it up in the air on October 5th, 2013. You can see the
results of his efforts
HERE. Thanks for the great photos, Roger, and Congrats
on the new antenna! Additional photos added on 2nd June 2014.

6) Here are the results from
Roger's Poll of "Member Radio Years"  
conducted by Roger (VE1RV) on the Sunday, May 5th, 2013 net:
There were 48 callers-in with a total of 1852 years for an average of just over
38.5 years as a radio amateur.
VE9KC John, gave an interesting report on the
Patron Saint of Amateur Radio when he checked
in to the net on Sunday, November 11th, 2012 -
Remembrance Day. This was
Maximilian Kolbe,
. I thought members might want further
information so go to the following Wikipedia page.
Thanks for an interesting report, John!


DX Atlas 2.3 - The software mentioned by VE9KC, John on a recent net. Publisher's Info: Electronic World atlas
for Radio Amateurs. Scrollable World map with smooth zoom, DXCC territories, province/state prefixes, Grid
Squares, CQ and ITU Zones in the rectangular, azimuthal and Globe projections, 3D relief, Gray Line, city and
island index, unique hierarchical prefix database, local time with DST for all cities, islands and call areas, unique
ionospheric maps.
Here is the URL:
VE1WG, Bill Gillis (#258) wrote an article entitled "Spanning the Atlantic from
which is the story of the first international commercial wireless station in
New Brunswick erected at Newcastle in 1913. Bill has kindly offered his permission
to post it here on the OTC Website and you can read Bill's article
HERE. Thanks Bill.

Old Timers Club Executive Report for 2014

Secretary/Treasurer's Report

    Hello all! It's time again to look back on our Club's activities for this past year of 2014.

    First and foremost, we had 13 new members join our great Club in 2014. Again, welcome to members from #454 to #466. Be proud as
20 years is a long time to be faithful to the hobby! I must also state that some of these new members have a lot more than 20 years under
their belts in Ham Radio. Congratulations.

    Our Club Nets on Sunday mornings are very active with lots of call-ins and topics of interest, and lets not forget the net controllers that
are appointed by Bill, our President. Great job folks. A tip-of-the-hat also to the future members that are eager to call in and also ever so
patiently waiting for their "time" to come up so they too can be proud to belong to our great Club.

    Of course Bill, our President and Jim, our webmaster are very much recognized as being the main cogs in the well-running executive
of the Club, as they make sure that all runs as smooth as silk all the time. Great work guys.

    Looking back we also had to suffer the loss of 45 amateurs, mostly from the Maritimes. Of these,10 were members of our Club. They
were, " by order of membership number": #162 - VE1PN - Harry Hillyard; #174 - VY2UA - Jim MacEachern;
#176 – VE1ALU - 'B' Sabean; #194 - VE3ON - Norm Lawton; #255 - VE1GS - Rene Deschenes; #301-VE2QA - Lee Cunningham; #307 -
VE3PIB - Ron Riley; #312 - VE9HC - Hugh Clark; #375 - VE1KE - Floyd Everett and  #412 - VE1LYN - Linda MacDonald. Some of these
Silent Keys were pillars in the Amateur Hobby. All are deeply missed.

    As always, in the Financial Department of our Club, we stand solid and on our own two feet (so-to-speak).  A full report of the Club's
finances are presented to the executive: Bill and Jim. If any  member of the Club would like a copy of  the Treasurer's report, please
contact me by Canada Post or by email and I will send  a copy to that member.

    That's all she wrote folks, so keep smiling and make lots of friends on Amateur Radio .  

Best 73 from your Secretary / Treasurer
#320 -  Roger Belliveau / VE1RV


 Webmaster's Report                                                                      

    Our website located at http://www.oldtimersclub.byethost31.com/ will have been online for nine years as of Thursday, January 22nd,
2015.  We have received free webhosting during this entire time and continuing into 2015, from www.byethost.com. A big 'thank you' to
Byethost for this free service!

    During the calendar year of 2014, the website received 3,297 page loads which was down slightly from 2013. This is a page load
average of 10 per day with 1183 of these from first time visits, averaging 4 per day. Since the webcounter installation on the 28th of
February 2009, total visits to our website by year end 2014 were 8,645.

    On the website, I cover OTC activities such as participation in the various Maritime Fleamarkets with photos and a short note and any
newspaper articles about members and their amateur activities. As new members join, I added a welcome message on the “New
Members 2014” page as well as on the home page. In 2014, I welcomed 13 new members, five fewer than in 2013. SK Memorials were
added with 10 members becoming SKs in 2014, five more than in 2013.

    Throughout the year, I rely upon members to send me information and photos from events and on new members to submit photos of
themselves and/or their shacks for their 'New Member Welcome Message'. I try to keep the website current, interesting and useful. Items
may be sent to <ve1chi@rac.ca>. After items run on the home page for a time, I usually move them to the 'Miscellanea' page.

    The “Active Membership List” (AML) is a PDF file of all OTC members currently alive and is in alphanumeric by callsign. You can
access it from the OTC Directory on the home page. Whenever we have a new member or an SK, this list is edited and replaced with a
new version. The list was primarily meant for Net Control stations but it is there for anyone to use as a reference. Emails regarding errors
are always appreciated.
    I would like to acknowledge the huge contribution to our club by President Bill Anderson VE9UH and our Secretary/Treasurer Roger
Belliveau VE1RV, both of whom work very hard on your behalf. Bill arranges the NC roster, sends sympathy cards to families of SKs, puts
together the 'package' sent out to new members, looks after getting new certificates printed and Bill phones a new member to personally
welcome him or her to the club or to families of SKs to extend sympathy on behalf of the club. Bill also arranges to have OTC
representatives at fleamarkets and makes certain that enough handouts are printed and available there. Roger checks qualifications of
new applicants which many times must be verified by Industry Canada when a potential member has lost or misplaced their 'Certificate of
Proficiency'. He also looks after the accounting and disbursement of club expenses and gives the 'birthday report' on the weekly net.
Roger is a very valuable club asset, a great promoter of the OTC and does a super job as NC many times throughout the year! My job as
webguy is relatively easy compared to the real OTC workers!

    Please thank Bill and Roger on the air for their tireless efforts in keeping our club running. My personal thanks goes out to them and
for having the pleasure of working with both once again this past year. Thanks Guys!

73 to all from VE1CHI, Jim Cleveland #327

President's Report

    Time flies when you’re having fun! The Old Timer’s Club is certainly a source of pleasure for me-  It’s very much a privilege to be part
of the Executive.

    We are very lucky to have Roger as Secretary-Treasurer and Jim as Webmaster; to a large extent they are responsible for the Club’s
success. All members  contribute a great deal in many ways, such as by  acting as Net Control and by working at our table at Flea
Markets. Non-Members also help our Club in similar ways. We are always happy to have them apply for membership.

    It was a pleasure to welcome thirteen new members during the year. At year-end 228 Active Members were listed..  
    Sadly ten OT members became Silent Keys. All are sincerely missed.

    As usual, several Flea Markets had an Old Timer’s Club table; applications and information were handed out, often resulting in OT
membership applications.
    We all look forward to another good year for our Club. With help from all concerned, this will happen.

A.W. (Bill) Anderson,VE9UH #251
Roderick Dean "Rod" Smith,VE1ALP - SK - #268
In Memorium
   Smith, Roderick Dean “Rod” – age 83 of Dartmouth, formerly of Truro, died Monday, April 13, 2015 in Dartmouth
General Hospital.

    Born in Amherst on October 26 1931, he was a son of the late Stanley and Aldena (Pye) Smith. Rod was a resident
of Truro for 54 years having moved to Dartmouth in 2011. He was the Atlantic Territorial Manager for Green Cross a
division of CIBA-GEIGY, for 32 years prior to his retirement in 1993.

    He was a member of Brunswick Street United Church, the Truro Amateur Radio Club, Royal Canadian Legion and a
retired member of the Truro Fire Brigade. He was also a member of the Truro Curling Club and the Sunrise Golf Club in
Brule where he and his wife enjoyed many years at their cottage. Rod was a competitive shooter and was a member of
numerous gun clubs and associations. Rod was a charter member and past senior councillor of Truro Council of United
Commercial Travellers Association. He was also active with the Local Senior Games and the Fundy Games, as well as
the Good Neighbours Retired Senior Citizens Group.

    In 2005 Rod received the Town of Truro Volunteer of the Year Award. In later years he enjoyed many hours of wood
carving and painting with oil and water colours.

    He is survived by his wife of 60 years, the former Lois Burt; sons, Alan (Cathy), Winnipeg, Graeme (Karen),
Etobicoke; daughters, Karen McNutt (Greg), Dartmouth, Nancy Harper (Peter), Waverley, Gayle Grant (Gordon), Fort
Saskatchewan AB; sister, Sharon Ingram, Bible Hill. He is also survived by 12 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren
and will be dearly missed.

    Visitation will be held from 1-2pm with a funeral service 2pm followed by a reception Thursday, April 16 all in Atlantic
Funeral Home, 771 Main Street, Dartmouth. A private family burial in Dartmouth Memorial Gardens. In lieu of flowers
donations in memory may be made to a charity of your choice.

    The family would like to express their appreciation to the caregivers at Ocean View Continuing Care Centre where
Rod had resided for nearly 2 years and the nurses of 3 East at Dartmouth General Hospital.

    Online condolences may be sent by visiting www.atlanticfuneralhomes.com (Dartmouth Chapel)