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This radio really is tuned to 3.750 MHz thanks to Roy, VE2RWT, who took the time to doctor up the original image
and then emailed it to Ron, VE1BIC who forwarded it on to me, Jim, VE1CHI. FINALLY we have our little HF radio
on the RIGHT frequency!
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News & Upcoming Events

1) The 2014 Greenwood Fleamarket is now history but two OTC members
sent me some photos of this event. Thanks to VE1BXK, Lorne (#356) and
VE1EEE, Joe (#439) you can see what was going on there on Saturday,
October 18th., 2014. Thanks Guys.
HERE are the photos.

The Moncton Area ARC Flea Market was held on Saturday, September
20th, 2014 at the Riverview Lions Club, NB. VE1SM Peter, VE9UH Bill, our
President and VE1ZX Brad looked after the OTC table and collected the log
book entries you will see below. Peter reports a good turnout for the

3) The Downeast Fleamarket in Halifax was held on Saturday, May 31st,
at the same location as last year - Barnstead Lane just off Bayers Road
outbound. It was a great event again this year thanks to VE1JHF, Jeremy
and his organizing committee. See the fleamarket report and photos

4) The
RAC Amateur Radio 60 Metre Operations Information pdf file is
HERE. Thanks to VE1BXK, Lorne (# 356) for sending this to me.

5) Are you thinking of replacing some of you incandescent lamps with the
newer LED bulbs? Well, you need to read this article first before rushing out to
buy them:
LEDRFI. Thanks to VE1RV, Roger, for this article.

6) VE1RV, Roger just completed work on his 'ugly balun' and 17 m home brew
antenna and just got it up in the air on October 5th, 2013. You can see the
results of his efforts
HERE. Thanks for the great photos, Roger, and Congrats
on the new antenna! Additional photos added on 2nd June 2014.

7) Here are the results from Roger's Poll of "Member Radio Years"  
conducted by Roger (VE1RV) on the Sunday, May 5th, 2013 net:
There were 48 callers-in with a total of 1852 years for an average of just over
38.5 years as a radio amateur.
VE9KC John, gave an interesting report on the
Patron Saint of Amateur Radio when he checked
in to the net on Sunday, November 11th, 2012 -
Remembrance Day. This was
Maximilian Kolbe,
. I thought members might want further
information so go to the following Wikipedia page.
Thanks for an interesting report, John!


DX Atlas 2.3 - The software mentioned by VE9KC, John on a recent net. Publisher's Info: Electronic World atlas
for Radio Amateurs. Scrollable World map with smooth zoom, DXCC territories, province/state prefixes, Grid
Squares, CQ and ITU Zones in the rectangular, azimuthal and Globe projections, 3D relief, Gray Line, city and
island index, unique hierarchical prefix database, local time with DST for all cities, islands and call areas, unique
ionospheric maps.
Here is the URL:
OTC Executive Meet for Lunch

On Friday, August 1st, 2014, the club executive met for lunch at Patterson's
Restaurant in Sackville, NB.

There were no pressing club issues to discuss and we simply wanted to get together
just for fun and friendship as it was six years since we last met in person other than at
a fleamarket. All of the club issues are normally dealt with via email or phone.
Fortunately there are very few of these.

Roger paid out of pocket for all of the meals so not one cent of the club's funds were
spent. Bill paid the last time we met in October of 2009. Looks like I will be scouring
the ditches for cans in the coming years! :-)

Left to Right: VE9UH Bill Anderson President, VE1RV Roger Belliveau
Secretary-Treasurer and VE1CHI, Jim Cleveland Webguy.

(Note: VE1CHI / Photo: Waitress)
VE1WG, Bill Gillis (#258) wrote an article entitled "Spanning the Atlantic from
which is the story of the first international commercial wireless station in
New Brunswick erected at Newcastle in 1913. Bill has kindly offered his permission
to post it here on the OTC Website and you can read Bill's article
HERE. Thanks Bill.
The 2014 Riverview Fleamarket OTC Logbook Entires
Fraser A. MacDougall, VE1WO becomes OTC Member #462

The Old Timers Club President Bill Anderson, VE9UH, Secretary Treasurer Roger
Belliveau, VE1RV, and Webmaster Jim Cleveland, VE1CHI and all active members of
the OTC welcome Fraser A. MacDougall, VE1WO to the Old Timers Club.
Welcome to the club, Fraser!

President Bill, VE9UH mailed Fraser's OTC certificate on the 24th of September, 2014.
His certificate is also dated the 24th of September, 2014.

We hope to hear you soon on the Sunday morning net, Fraser, and hope that you will
become a regular checker at 3.750 MHz between 8 am and 9 am local time.

Fraser lives in Lower Sackville, NS and his earliest Certificate of Proficiency in
Amateur Radio is dated the 29th of January, 1993.

His OTC Membership Certificate number is # 462.

Fraser becomes the nineth new OTC member in 2014!

If anyone has a good photo of Fraser and, with his permission, I will place it here with
his welcome message. Send photo to: <

Everyone please welcome Fraser, VE1WO to the club when you hear him on the net.
In Memorium
Hugh Douglas Clark, VE9HC - SK - #312

Hugh D. Clark, VE9HC

Hugh Douglas Clark of Hartland passed away on Monday, October 20th, 2014 at
the Upper River Valley Hospital in Waterville. He was born March 3rd, 1938 and was
the son of the late Clinton Clark and Laura (McIsaac) Clark Slichter. Besides his
parents, he was predeceased by his first wife Kathleen (Morris) Clark and his step
father Herbert Slichter.

Hugh is survived by his wife Jean Anderson Clark of Hartland, NB; son, Clinton
(James) Clark and his wife Nicole of Guelph, ON; grandson, Jackson Clark;
brothers, Dale Clark and his wife Brenda of Shelburne, NS, David Clark and is wife
Sharon of Brampton, ON; brother-in-law, Adrian Hovey of Hartland, NB; nieces and

Arrangements are pending and will be announced as soon as they are finalized.